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Will Allen

Will Allen

Will started flying as a teenager more than 20 years ago and has flown many different types of airplanes though mostly focuses on the aerobatic types now. He has over 5000 hours, of which over half are tailwheel and aerobatics hours, and is a member of all the standard pilot organizations as well as the IAC and ICAS. Will now spends a majority of his instructing time, and almost all of his personal time, flying tailwheel aircraft in unusual attitudes. He has been instructing since 2002 and involved in aerobatics since 2004. He has also been competing since 2005 and currently competes at the Intermediate level with his Decathlon, winning and placing against higher powered Extras, Pitts and equivalent aircraft. He plans to move to Advanced when the right airplane opportunity presents itself.

Will always knew he wanted to fly aerobatics and fly in airshows but, with limited funds and knowledge resources early on, he took a while to achieve this goal. Eventually opportunity presented itself and he was able to find spin and aerobatic training, get involved with the IAC and truly live his passion. In Will’s own words “I probably asked the wrong people and was under the impression that it took way more money than a kid of my age had. When I look back now I think that there were opportunities available that I was just not aware of. That’s why now one of my goals is to promote aerobatics and the IAC to flight schools to let them know we’re out here. We want to raise awareness of the ways for young people to get involved, even if they can’t afford to fly yet- volunteering at contests or coming to meetings-.just being involved, getting to meet all levels of aerobatics pilots and being visible in the aerobatic family.”

Will established Flip Side Aerobatics in 2006 in order to share his passion with others. He strongly believes in spin training for every pilot and holds the view that a little bit of aerobatics will make any pilot a safer and more confident one. He believes anyone has the potential to do spins and aerobatics, and can tell you that there are quite a few well known airshow pilots out there who used to get airsick in the beginning!

Will also holds an ICAS Statement of Acrobatic Competency (SAC) waiver card, certifying him to fly airshows. He performs his unique national anthem act each year in airshows around the region.

While his resume has grown a bit in the last several years, Will is still looking to continually improve, and knows that the best thing about flying is that, no matter how good we get as pilots, there is still always something to learn.