Note: This information only applies to instruction in the Pitts.  Information on Decathlon rates will be available soon!

Immersion Packages

Spend more time immersed in what you came to learn.

These packages are designed for the pilot who wants intensely-focused and quality spin/upset recovery and/or aerobatics training. Immerse yourself in learning – 2 or 3 days of almost unlimited access to the knowledge and experience of your personal trainer. Packages include ground instruction and flight.

Packages are designed to be completed over consecutive days, with 2-3 lessons per day. This makes for more focused training and more productive use of your time and money, resulting in a better overall learning experience.

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Spin\Unusual Attitude Recovery Package$1440
(4 lessons)

Basic Aerobatics Package$1440
(4 lessons)

Spin and Aerobatics Package$2130
(6 lessons)

Extended Spin and Aerobatics Package - $3450
(10 lessons)


Both locations offer the following-

Aerobatics or spin\unusual attitude recovery:

  • Single lesson-$375 (includes necessary ground and flight time).

For discounted rates view our lesson packages.

Instruction in customer’s aircraft -tailwheel\spin\aerobatics: $80 per hour.

*All prices include applicable taxes, and are subject to change.