Why Come Learn in Tucson?

So often with flight instruction, we are driven by schedule limitations- your lesson has to end because the flight instructor has to move onto the next student in his schedule. Instead of a getting the most out of your lesson you are hurried and cannot get all your questions answered.

The concept of our training in Tucson is to provide customers with an opportunity to get away from other distractions and receive dedicated one-on-one time with the instructor, with no outside scheduling pressure, so that you can better focus on your training. We limit the student load so it is more like having a personal trainer than a flight instructor, and this provides a more relaxed environment to learn in.

Of course the weather in Tucson allows us to fly almost every day of the year, so it is less likely flights will be cancelled due to weather. Marana airport has an aerobatic box right nearby it and there are no delays in getting right to the training area. All this means we may finish lessons early enough to allow you some time to explore Tucson or get in a round of golf!